Monday, October 8, 2012

To My Teen-aged Self

Dear Teen-aged Melissa,

Whoa! Having some hair issues today, huh? Oh, right. Everyday. Remember when you decided to get bangs? And then you decided to grow them out? Tough times. Truth be told, it'll be quite a few more years before you begin to get that hair under control. Just so you know, the advent of something called a flat iron really changes your life.

Some things I wish I could tell you:

Your dad really does know a few things.

There are mean people everywhere, but they'll get fewer and farther between the older you get.

High school isn't that important. In fact, in a few years you'll have a hard time remembering all this stuff that gets you so upset.

Enjoy. The. Shopping. You are at a prime time to go out and spend your parents' money, and you don't even appreciate it! And, stop to really soak up these moments with your mom. Someday you'll really wish the two of you could just go to the mall together.

Don't waste time being lovesick over some imaginary boy you're holding out for! Stop worrying about boys! In a couple years you'll meet the coolest guy you've ever seen. And you'll marry him!

You are skinny. I mean, so skinny!

Lighten up a little. Don't be so hard on people. Show love. Be kind.

Go easy on your parents. When your first child is born, you'll realize that they really, really, really love you.

When you are 35 (ancient, I know), remember how to laugh a lot. Laughter really does make life better.

God is going to show you that He is faithful. Don't give up.

Did I mention you are so skinny?

Your Future Older Wiser More Humble Less Skinny Self

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