Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Strange Way to Nominate Your Husband for President

In every family, there should be one person who doesn't mind cleaning up vomit. Single people, this is seriously something to consider when choosing a mate. Some important questions to ask your boyfriend or girlfriend:

Do you like going to movies?

Do you enjoy traveling?

Do you want children?

How much experience do you have cleaning up barf?

I never asked that question of Chad when we were dating. Oddly, it never came up in conversation. But, boy did I luck out! God blessed me with a vomit cleaner. I knew I had hit the jackpot when we taught middle school together in Nashville. When a kid tossed his cookies anywhere in the building, Chad was the go-to guy to mop, wipe, and disinfect it away.

Our kids have a special talent for losing their lunch in the middle of the night. As the mom, I get to comfort the child, give him a bath, wipe away the tears. As the man with the iron stomach, Chad gets to clean up the mess. It's true that he usually gags all the way through his task, but he gets it done.

This is just one of the many reasons I love him.

I'm thinking that asking the all-important puke-cleaning question might be a good way to find responsible employees as well. After all, if you have an entire staff full of people who are committed to cleaning up that kind of mess, you have a group of good, humble workers who will go all out for you in the worst of times.

Someone should ask the presidential candidates this probing question. I can just see it now. Townhall debate. A young girl stands boldly with her microphone: "Mr. President, if someone vomited in the White House, would you be able to clean it up?"

No? Sorry, you're just not our man.

In short, you can trust a man who cleans up vomit. I'm so glad I live with one of those fellas.

Chad Edgington for President!

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