Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Baby Chase

I am currently pregnant for the sixth time. Yes, you read that right. Six pregnancies, so far only two babies. Not a very good track record. I am eleven weeks. I have seen this little wiggling miracle via ultrasound four times. Today in 3D. Totally amazing. At this point "he" is about one and a half inches long, yet in his pictures I see his hands and feet, little elbows, glimpses of a silvery spine, indentions where his ears will soon form. He is very alive. His heart sounds strong. He is real.

To be honest, I was about to give up. I'm no spring chick when it comes to baby-growing. In fact, when the doctor found out I was pregnant, she prescribed some special prenatal vitamins. I got them home and looked at the brochure, and the whole thing was about "older mothers." WELL! I was shocked. But, one thing I've learned through all the baby chasing is that God has His own timing. So, I guess He had me pegged as one of those older mothers. The thought makes me smile.

The kids seem excited. They are all atwitter about the thought of sharing a room when the baby comes. They found out about it today and are literally already picking new paint colors. Adelade is my big-time change-fearer. She is excited about the baby, but I see concern in her face about how this BIG change will affect her little world. She wanted to know if she could keep all her stuff. This is a child who doesn't ever want me to paint furniture and almost cried when I got bangs because she likes things just the way they are. Then Sawyer asked if he could keep all his plastic dinosaurs. He loves jumping on bandwagons.

With all the talk of room changing, Sawyer wanted to make sure that we are "keeping" the kitchen and the bathrooms. I told him that sounded like a good plan to me.

This is a happy time. Maybe my chase is over. God has been good and has taught me a lot during my wait for this child. He gives and He takes away. Blessed be the name of the Lord.