Monday, October 29, 2012

The Political Post

Political seasons are interesting.

Political seasons since Facebook and Twitter are just downright fascinating.

I guess in the past people really didn't have a platform for broadcasting their political views. All they could do was give speeches or talk about it around the water cooler. Now all you have to do is type a sentence or two and hundreds of people that you know or used to know or have never even met get a clear picture of who you're voting for and which issues matter to you. I've seen lots that I agree with and some that has shocked me and a few that have just made me roll my eyes. We try so hard, don't we?

To seem informed.

To seem intelligent.

To seem worth listening to.

And, a whole bunch of much smarter people than me have chimed in through the centuries about how God fits into all of this political craziness. But, here's my political philosophy, in a nutshell:

God is in control.

Yes, we should be informed, use the minds God gave us, search the Scripture to decide where we should come down on the issues. We should vote. We should care.

But, we shouldn't worry.

He knows who will win. He knows how the future of this country will matter to eternity. He's not fretting about Mormons or Democrats or Republicans or Muslims. He's not afraid for America. He has plans that we don't know.

Plans to glorify Himself.

Plans to point the world to Christ.

Plans to win.

Yes, God wins. Not political parties. Not countries.

He is the victor.

Therefore, let's not get too upset if this election doesn't go "our" way. It will go God's way. And He will do with it whatever is best.

Do you trust Him?


  1. I loved this post, you said exactly what I've been thinking for weeks now! I will be so happy when this election is over!

  2. Thanks for commenting, Angie! I actually enjoy election season, but some things I definitely won't miss when it's over!