Monday, October 22, 2012

A Room for Two

Today my friend shared one of those "Keep Calm and Carry on" signs, but his said, "Keep Calm, They're Almost in Bed!" So funny. I have to admit, I'm almost never sorry to see my kids hit the sack. They have kid-busy days, and by the time bedtime rolls around, I am kid-busy dizzy! I'm ready for a little quiet and for a little conversation with the grown-up I live with.

But, a wonderful thing has happened since Adelade and Sawyer moved into the same room. When I put them to bed, I get to listen to their whispers and giggles as they discuss whatever little kids discuss at the end of the day. They almost always have stuff they HAVE to say to each other when the lights go out. And, even on nights when I am forced to get them quiet, I really hate to do it, because they seem so close, so intimately acquainted in those moments in the dark of their cozy little bedroom.

I recently heard them talking about God. Yes, they were working out some kind of child-sized theology in their little sanctuary for two. I'm glad they have each other.

And, when Adelade gets annoyed because Sawyer keeps asking for a drink or when Sawyer gets mad because Adelade is reading by flashlight, I smile and think that someday they will remember this time as one of their most fun experiences, way back when they shared their space, their air, their thoughts, their everything. Back when they snored through the night side by side. When they woke up every morning giggling. When playing together was their most important goal of the day.

What happy times! Blessings come in all shapes. This one came in the form of a tiny house, a little room, beds gifted by grandparents, and sleeping. When the sleeping happens next to one of your favorite people, all the more reason to thank God for His goodness.

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