Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Old People Like Me

I've reached an interesting time in my life when I am actually confused by fashion. I find myself going shopping and truly not UNDERSTANDING the clothes. I wonder how I'm supposed to wear it. Is it a dress or a shirt? Who would look good in this?

Does this mean I'm old?

Where does a girl shop once she shouldn't shop in the junior's section anymore? Where is the happy medium between skin-tight leopard print and embroidered cat shirts? It must be out there somewhere.

Recently I was talking with a college-aged girl and a high school boy, and I felt compelled to compliment the girl on her adorable red skinny jeans. I mentioned to these two sweet kids that I just HAVE to get myself some colored jeans this fall since it's such a big, cute trend. They both kind of laughed nervously. Then one of them mentioned in a slightly encouraging type tone that his teacher had worn colored jeans to school, as in, "Isn't that amazing? Old people!" Then they proceeded to tell me about an 85 year old woman they had spotted in hot pink jeans.

And it dawned on me that they were putting me in the same category as the "old" teacher and the 85 year old hottie.

Shock and dismay.

And I started looking at the evidence stacked against me. I HAVE been drawn to the mumu dresses in KMart lately. I DO love it when everyone trots out their sparkly Christmas sweaters. I WAS recently caught complaining about how scantily clad young girls are these days. I AM currently awaiting the return of shoulder pads to our society.

Yep, old person.

But, there's hope for me yet. After all, I also have a very hip and happening seven year old who will soon become my fashion consultant. It is possible that God brought Adelade into this world in part to help save me from my own love of huge, sparkly costume jewelry. One can only hope.

In the meantime, I will find myself a pair of colored skinny jeans. And, if I happen to see an embroidered cat shirt that would compliment them nicely, who can blame me for buying it? Fashion is confusing for old people like me.

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