Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I Did It My Way

I have a tendency to do things the hard way.

When I try to do something, whether I'm cooking or cleaning or crafting or sewing or just doing regular everyday things that must be done, I take the most moutainous, treacherous, dark and lonely path to accomplish the task. It's generally because I don't have the proper tools, ingredients, or materials.

And the reason I don't have those things is because I'm cheap.

Yes, I said it. I don't just appreciate a bargain, I revel and wallow in a bargain. I just wait for people to compliment my clothing so I can tell them how little I paid for it. I feel giddy when I outsmart other people who are paying "too much." I wear contact lenses for six months that are meant to be worn for two weeks. (And, by the way, the rest of you are getting ripped off because they can TOTALLY go six months. With only the occasional eye infection.) I'm using blush that broke apart a year ago (the crumby pieces work fine), wearing shoes that hurt my feet (they were on clearance), and waited until I was on the verge of pneumonia to go spend $25 at the doctor the last time I was sick. My kids know that if we're not at Goodwill, we will shop the 70% off rack. But, that's only really exciting if there's an extra 40% off. I'm telling you, it's a sickness.

So, I'm making my own Halloween costumes and it's been difficult because I bought just a little less fabric than the pattern called for, a little less trim, just knowing that I would somehow fudge the numbers to make it all add up in the end. My scissors won't cut, I'm working with ten straight pins, and I wouldn't buy the $7 pattern cutting board that would've made this task so much easier. And, I've waited until the day before.

See what I mean? The hard way. The cheap way. It's my way.

But, I suppose in some sense I am trying to make up for the fact that I don't work outside the home. My cheapness keeps money in the family account. And it just makes me happy in some strange, twisted way.

The next time you see those cute Justice jeans on Adelade, keep in mind that they didn't come from that adorably overpriced spot in the mall. They came from Goodwill. And, if these costumes turn out cute, appreciate how much sheer determination went into making them without the proper materials.

And if my eyes look a little red the next time you see me, just keep in mind that I do things the hard way.

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