Friday, October 19, 2012

The Underwear Under There

I think when Sawyer starts kindergarten his most difficult adjustment will be wearing clothes every day.

He is just an underwear-only sort of fellow. He gave up pjs about a year ago. If we don't go anywhere in a day, he will hang out in his underwear all day long. If we do go somewhere, he strips down as soon as we walk in the door.

We live in a church parsonage, so we have our fair share of drop-in visitors. You might think that he would be in a panic when he hears the doorbell, scrambling to pull on some shorts, at least. Nope. He strolls on out like nothing's out of the ordinary and chats with our company. He loves to dance, eat, play video games, watch TV, pretend he's a dog, clean up his room, read books, and color in his skivvies.

I used to try to get him dressed by lunch. It's the principle of the thing, I thought. He should learn that civilized people wear more than just tighty whities during the course of their day. But, then I decided he's got plenty of years to join polite society. He should be able to enjoy these special days of Underwear Heaven.

The real upside is that I have SO many pictures of him doing different things in his underwear, I'm going to be able to make a fantastically funny slideshow to embarrass him someday. One of my favorites is him, in his underwear, riding a spring horse. On the back porch. Hey, we do things CLASSY in this family.

Underwear and bare feet he's cool with, but for some reason he feels totally humiliated when he has on underwear with shoes. Go figure. So, in his most natural and happiest state (underwear only), he is missing BOTH of the criteria to get into even the worst convenience stores in town. That's my boy!

So, when August rolls around, I won't have to give him pep talks about making friends or behaving himself or getting up early. Our only real issue will be his insistence that he should wear nothing but Thomas the Train underwear on the first day of school. Don't worry, I think he'll adjust. He will be able to function wearing clothes every day. And no one will ever know that he is doing his homework every afternoon in his drawers. That's just between you and me.

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