Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Move Over, Heidi!

I am working out. Actually, I have been working out fairly consistently for about a year, and since I don't look like a supermodel yet I can only assume that if I weren't working out I would be morbidly obese. This is what I tell myself.

A few weeks ago I started doing 30 Day Shred, which is the brainchild of Jillian Michaels, "The Toughest Trainer on TV." I imagine it's a pretty comical sight, me on my living room floor, making caveman-type noises while I struggle to get through the 20 minute workout. Jillian makes comments along the way like, "You have to tell your body what you want it to do!" and I try! I really try to tell my body, "Don't let this cheesecake I'm about to eat put any weight on me!" But, it doesn't listen. Thus, the grueling workouts.

I have gotten stronger, though. I can actually feel muscles in my arms, which is a rarity for me. I have no idea why Chad laughs when I ask him to feel of my biceps. Or why he makes fun of me when I can't open a pickle jar. Baby steps to that supermodel body, right?

Then I have to deal with the actual supermodels. You know the ones. The Heidi Klumes of the world who have a baby one week and model underwear the next. Would it kill her to wait a few months, just to make us all feel better?

But, I'll stick with it. Not working out now just makes me miserable. Almost as miserable as I am during the 20 minutes on my living room floor. Just you wait, Heidi. I am 33 years old, and I'm well on my way to not becoming morbidly obese!


  1. You will have to show Chad your muscles at work by lifting an amp more than once just to prove to him that you are getting stronger when he is trying to show off his muscles by lifting it multiple times. What I am excited about is that I can no longer see old lady flab in my arms. Who cares if you can see muscles so long as fat isn't flapping in the wind, right?!?!?!

  2. You are so right, Cyndia! Girls united against flapping fat!