Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Life Awaits!

Kindergarten is bearing down on this family. I say it that way because, like all moms, I have mixed feelings about it. For one thing, it's hard to believe that my oldest is THAT old--big enough to go off on her own to a big school with strangers to meet and things to learn and lunches to eat. Worst of all, she's big enough to go out there and have a life that I can't supervise at all times! It's tough on a mama.

Secondly, we are a laid back sort of family. She will have to be in her classroom at school at about the time when we are normally thinking about getting out of bed. Seriously. So, earlier bedtimes and earlier breakfasts will be here soon, along with backpacks and homework. It's hard to imagine.

Despite all that, though, I am really excited for Adelade. She is going to have the time of her life--I mean, this kid was made for school. She's a total extrovert, loves making new friends, loves learning, reading, writing, and everything that school is really about. She will be thrilled.

So, on the first day, I'll remind myself of that fact, even while Sawyer, Chad and I walk out of her classroom and leave her there right in the middle of Life. Life without me. And at the end of each day when she tells me all about her wonderful adventure, I'll remember that I have her for a short time, and I'll cherish every detail.

I'll try to forget the fact that college will be here before I can blink an eye. In the meantime, she's here, she's mine, and Life will have to wait a few more weeks!

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